Flaw in iOS 7 Allows Thief To Bypass Thumb Scanner, Gain Control of Apple ID

That’s the report: That a German security firm has found that a thief can bypass the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 5S and gain access to a person’s Apple ID. They report that by putting the phone in Airplane Mode and shutting off wifi, the thief can defeat any efforts by the phone’s owner to […]

Keep Yourself Charged Up With The Dynamo-On-The-Go Battery

Not too long ago, I was on my way back from my girlfriend’s place. Having just recovered from a rather nasty flu, I wasn’t exactly thinking clearly; I couldn’t seem to find the way home on my own, though I’d traveled the route countless times before. Naturally, I took up my phone, pulled out Google […]

How to Keep Your Name And Face Out Of Google Endorsements

Most of us know that Google makes most of its revenue from ads. Essentially, every service they have out there is either about ads, or about market research so they can serve more ads. So, it comes as no surprise that Google is changing their terms of service to allow themselves to use your real […]

How To Keep YouTube Out Of Google Search Results When Searching For Product Reviews

YouTube is the #1 video site on the internet, and is a Google property. While I don’t deny YouTube has its place, sometimes when searching for product reviews, YouTube does nothing but get in the way when all you want is a text and/or photo review of whatever product you’re looking for. Why does YouTube […]

How To Calibrate Your Laptop Battery For Accurate Power Indicatations

Calibration of your laptop battery is something you should do periodically. What is this? Does this have something to do with your battery not developing a “memory” No, “memory” isn’t much of a problem these days. That was an issue with the old Nicad batteries, but today’s Lithium ion batteries don’t have that issue. Calibration […]

USB Powered Stuff Is Great… If You Know Which Port To Use

Over the course of the weekend I picked up a new multi-track audio recorder, a Zoom R8. Nice little standalone unit that definitely gets the job done. There is one thing about it however that’s both good and bad. When taking power from an external source (it can run off four AA batteries for internal […]

Travel Freely With Your Android Phone, Avoid Roaming Charges

Perhaps one of the worst things about owning a cell phone (save for the exorbitant prices and fixed-term contracts of far too many service providers) is dealing with roaming charges in the event that you travel. Leaving your phone on for even a few minutes outside of your designated service area could lead to a […]

Life Hack: Change Email Notifications To Calendar Reminders

Many people use their email to be notified of stuff. Lots of stuff. Comment notifications, bank balance updates, YouTube comments, Facebook conversation updates and so on. The problem is that if you’re getting email notifications for a lot of stuff, this can cause email clutter where random notifications just keep popping into your inbox and […]

Is The Verizon Edge Plan Worth The Money?

As I mentioned, I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5S. My carrier is Verizon. The Verizon guy offered me every upsell he could. And, I get it. That’s his job. He offered me $100 to buy my old iPhone 4S off me as part of the buy-back program. Ummm… no thanks. You realize I can […]

My First Impressions On The iPhone 5S

I have been a user of the iPhone for many years now – with one single (and unfortunate) deviation into Android for a year or so. For me, it has been: iPhone 3G HTC Droid Incredible iPhone 4S And now the iPhone 5S. On the day of the launch of the 5S, I visited the […]