How To Multi-Boot Your Raspberry Pi

There’s a lot of stuff you can do with the Raspberry Pi – a fully-functional computer the size of a credit card that costs only $25. However, multi-booting isn’t really one of them. With the way the system is designed, you can only boot a single operating system per SD card, which can get more […]

Track Who You Owe Money And Easily Split Bills [Web App]

Eventually, you’re probably going to owe someone money, even if it’s only for a short time. This is particularly true if you’re living with one or more roommates. In order for everyone to co-habitate effectively, you’ll pretty much have to work out some sort of system for splitting the expenses. If you’re using such a system – […]

What your Facebook “Likes” Really Say About You

We all know that Facebook has a history of playing fast and loose with its users’ personal data. By now, anyone who uses the social network (in other words, almost everyone who surfs the ‘net at this point) knows that whatever data they put on the social site is likely to end up in the […]

Is a Chromebook Pixel Actually Worth Buying?

When Google first released the Chromebook, it was heralded as the next evolution of personal computing. Many hoped that it would signify a revolution, that it would lead into a new era in the world of technology. Turns out that didn’t happen. Almost two years later and the Chromebook is more or less forgotten. It […]

What Browser Are You Using – And Why?

It used to be that Internet Explorer was the dominant web browser. Even as the competitors ate into it, it was still dominant mainly because it was built into the most popular operating system – Windows. And, let’s face it, most end users just use what’s put in front of them. But, I decided to […]

5 Ways Technology is Changing Us For The Worse

Modern technology has changed the world and its people in a great many incredible and exciting ways. We live in a society more connected, more knowledgeable, and more advanced than anything our ancestors could have dreamed up. We’re fast approaching the point at which science fiction will become reality, with breakthrough after technological breakthrough. It’s […]

3 Strategies For Parenting In Today’s High-Tech Age

I don’t think many people will argue with someone who exclaims that parenting was probably easier thirty odd years ago, back before the Internet was a thing. Sure, you still had to deal with youthful rebellion, but at least you didn’t have to worry about the corrupting influence of the world wide web. Nowadays, children […]

The Best Practices Guide to Buying Used Electronics

I’ve always been a rather frugal fellow.  It’s not that money is terribly tight,  it’s just that I’d prefer to keep my cash as close to my chest as possible. I’m that guy who’s going to troll thrift stores regardless of how much income he’s pulling in, the fellow who’s always on the lookout for […]

The Easy Way To Run Nintendo, Gameboy, Sega and Playstation Games On Your Android Device

Anybody up for a game of Super Mario Brothers on your Android phone? Modern smartphones are rather impressive devices, aren’t they? Even the lowest-grade droid on the market can outperform the vast majority of pre-2000 computer systems. That includes old-school game consoles, of course. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this: Given the […]

How To Identify That Song You Heard, But Can’t Remember. There’s an App For That.

  Let me paint a picture for you, ladies and gents. You’ve got a song stuck in your head. Not a whole song, though. All you can remember of the song is a few bars, perhaps the chorus. We’ve all had this happen before, and it’s one of the most irritating things in the world. […]