Show, Don’t Tell: Visualization and the Internet

Another quickie for you guys today. Here’s a rather fascinating infographic I saw just the other day. Ironically…it’s about the reason infographics are so bloody popular. Time and again, we’ve proven – particularly as our age moves from more abstract forms of entertainment to more concrete ones – that human beings are, in general, visual […]

The Growth of Smart Home Gadgets and Technology

For decades, we’ve seen the idea of the “smart house” referenced in popular culture. From the Jetsons to Tony Stark’s virtual butler to a smart house that’s out to get revenge on its inhabitants, the technology has mostly been science fiction rather than something you can have in real life. That’s changing, and changing quickly. […]

Replacing Broken Keys on a Keyboard

It’s bound to happen, eventually- keyboards are like anything else, and subject to the same wear and tear as any piece of hardware. If you use one enough, eventually, you’re going to have to do a bit of repair work. After all, cleaning your keyboard doesn’t really help when half the keys are missing, does […]

Top 10 Web Development Tools for iPhone

Here is a list of ten web development tools that you may use on your iPhone. One is no better than the other is. The numbers do not indicate their rank or usefulness. 1. Analytics A handy little must have if you are the sort of person who is unable to gain access to a […]

Gamer’s Corner: Microsoft’s Holodeck Patent Application

One of the coolest things about Star Trek: The Next Generation was the holodeck. Utilizing space-age computing that even our modern society can only dream of, the crew could easily transport themselves to any time and place, without even having to leave the ship. It made for some downright awesome adventures, and must’ve been a […]

It Takes a Village: The Importance of Off-site SEO

In today’s technology-ridden society, people no longer “look things up” in encyclopedias or even search engines. “Google” has become a verb, replacing all other synonyms and being used even when that particular search engine is not. Google’s competitors are fighting to achieve the same status. Since search engines basically have the power to decide what […]

How to use an Xbox 360 Controller as a Mouse and Keyboard

We all know it’s quite possibly- and actually fairly easy – to use an Xbox 360 controller with your PC. It’s really just a matter of plugging it in, and downloading a few drivers from Microsoft. What many of you might not know is that you can actually take things a step further- you can […]

Virtualizing Your Keepsakes In the Cloud

You may recall that fateful day in January when iconic photography mogul Kodak filed for bankruptcy. With the filing came the end of an era. Film rolls and negatives are slowly becoming things of the past as SD cards and digital drop boxes carve out their niche in the photography world. As a parent versed […]

The Culture of Distraction: Technology and Productivity

Facebook’s not exactly the poster child of productivity. Quite the contrary, it’s one of the biggest time-wasters in the world, with hundreds of pieces of content and a whole plethora of time-wasting social games. What some people might not know is exactly how distracting it (and many other social media websites) really are – and […]

Gamer’s Corner: Keeping Game Cartridges Clean

Old game cartridges have an irritating tendency to accumulate grime when they’re not being used, particularly in the area where they connect to the console. It’s tough to say why- perhaps the electrical transfer that occurs there when they’re plugged in makes them uniquely suited to gathering up dust. Usually, blowing on them will be […]